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What is Star Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is one of the most desirable and attractive varieties of quartz. Rose Quartz owes its unique soft pink hue to tiny traces of titanium and manganese. Sometimes, rutile needles are present in the rose quartz hence star-effect or asterism is seen. Unlike Star Rubies and Star Sapphires, in Star Rose Quartz, asterism can be seen under any strong light. Usually star rose quartz can only be seen on cut and polished pieces of rose quartz. It is virtually impossible to recognize asterism in an unpolished specimen.  Since the left and right eye see the star at different positions and the brain concludes from this stereo image that it must be situated above the rose quartz - looking at it for some time can make you feel dizzy as something is apparently "wrong".

Star Rose Quartz - Round

A Beautiful Star Rose Quartz


Sources of Rose Quartz
Rose quartz occurs at many pegmatite locations all over the world. It is commercially mined in Madagascar (Vorondolo Mountains, south-east of Antsirabé), South-Africa, Namibia, India, Germany, U.S.A. (South Dakota), and Brazil (Bahia and Minas Gerais). However, Star Rose quartz is found mainly in South Dakota, Vietnam and Madagascar.

A Famous Star Rose Quartz
A Stunning 1438-carat gemstone resides in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. This Star Rose Quartz has a perfect star, pleasant colour as well as impressive size.


1438 carat famous star rose quartz


Rose Quartz Beliefs

Rose Quartz allows you to be in touch with your basic self. It allows you to get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty. Rose Quartz is a good stone for someone who has trouble loving themselves or accepting love from others because they do not believe that they are worthy of being loved. It loves soft running river water and moonlight to clean and recharge itself.


Rose Quartz is the birthstone for January and also for the star sign Taurus. Rose Quartz is the anniversary gemstone for the 2nd year of marriage.


General Characteristics of Rose Quartz:


Quartz, SiO2, Silicon Dioxide


various shades of pink to a rosy-red

Refractive Index


Mohs Scale Hardness




Crystal System




Specific gravity

2.65 - 2.66


Some Pictures:


Star Rose Quartz Sphere

Star Rose Quartz
A Star Rose Quartz Sphere Another Star Rose Quartz

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